🚪 Start easy

BioRand provides a lot of customisation allowing you to control the difficulty from very easy to impossible. If you are new to randomizers, keep the easier enemies high and the harder enemies low. Weapons should also be set to a low to medium number, this way you will have more ammo for a hand full of guns rather than less ammo for many guns. If you want to try a door randomizer, set the segment size to be low so your run is shorter.

When you successfully complete a run, try more runs, gradually increasing the difficulty of the seed, either by experimenting with the enemy ratios or increasing the segment size.

🚪 Prioritise

In randomizers, particularly door randomizers, you will have many options. It is best to choose the shortest and easiest options first before the longer ones. For example if you have three doors, check the first one, if that happens to be a room that leads to more doors, or has many enemies, return to the previous room and check the other two doors. If the other doors lead to dead ends or safer rooms, they are better to check first. Dead end rooms can be looted and then never returned to unless you require a key item, hard rooms can be done later once you have the firepower.

🚪 Avoid Looting Everything

It can be tempting to pick up every single item you come across, but very it is better to keep your limited inventory size free for key items, and weapons. You can always return to a room if you decide later that you need an item you left behind. If you leave a key item, it is almost certain you have to return to the room to collect it. Of course items that are close to an item box can be collected and immediately brought back to the box.

🚪 Save often

Don't die!

Dying in randomizers can be frustrating as you can easily forget what you did, or did not loot. So save every time you make significant progress. If you don't have any ink ribbons, and you don't mind light cheating, you can enable the debug menu and save your state at any point.

In RE 1 and RE 2, cutscenes cannot be skipped, so saving after them is also a good idea to avoid repetition.

🚪 Save scum

Saving in a new slot each time allows you to load back further if you decide to try a different strategy for progression. You might also load back a save if you decide that going down a particular route gave you no items of importance, but lost you health or ammo in the process. In this situation, you might as well load the previous save and skip that route altogether.

This might seem like cheating, but randomizers are unfair by design, and have very little balancing, they are simply random. This helps level the playing field.